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“Invest in the things that are going to last beyond the day” – Real advice from real brides

Should you invest in a videographer or is just a photographer ok? What kind of wedding favours should you do, if any?

When it comes to planning your wedding day, it can feel pretty overwhelming to know where to put your focus, and what not to spend too much time on. We spoke to brides who have been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt on what to do and what not to do.

DO get a videographer

“One of the biggest regrets you hear people say they have is that they didn’t get a videographer, and it’s something I recommended to everyone. Invest in the things that are going to last beyond the day, and cut back on other things if you can afford to. Videographers capture things photographers can’t, giving you the opportunity to relive the day in a completely different way and from a different perspective. The day goes so fast that you end up missing a lot of it as you have a million other things on your mind and are often quite distracted from what’s going on around you. You see bits of the guests and speeches which you might have forgotten, and being able to watch it all back on a rainy day and remember those moments is amazing.”

DON’T worry too much about wedding favours

“Unless they’re really personal to you as a couple… or edible (!), people aren’t really that bothered about wedding favours and they often end up in the bin. Your guests are already getting a great day and evening out, so they’re most likely not going to notice if there aren’t favours. Spend your money instead on something that is going to really enhance the day."

DO use a photographer who has a second photographer

“I really wish I’d pushed on this having one photographer meant that we missed out on photos of my husband and the groomsmen getting ready as the photographer was mainly with the bridal party. Having 2 photographers means you get more than one perspective and manage to capture more of the day."

DON’T pressure yourself into making decisions

“I definitely got ‘decision-fatigue’ during the planning of my wedding I put pressure on myself to have decisions made by a certain time and ended up just making them quickly to be able to tick them off my list. Instead, spread it out, or if you’re happy to delegate, leave it to someone else. My sister is a primary school teacher and came up with the idea to make some things to put on the tables to keep the children entertained, something that I hadn’t even thought of, or would’ve known how to do."

DO pick a venue that will allow you to personalise it

“Being able to have the freedom to decorate your venue is such a huge tick. Choose a venue that gives you free rein (to an extent… we’re not talking about repainting the place!) to decorate the way you want, to make it as personal as possible to you."

DON’T invite every man and his dog

“So many people feel pressured into inviting people they barely know, or plus-ones they’ve never met. Remember, it’s your day and you should have the people you really want there to share your day.”

DO remember to start the party!

“Your guests will follow you around (especially in the evening), so if you want to get people on the dance floor and keep them there, you’re gonna have to get up and show them how it’s done!”

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