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You won’t want to forget this... Capturing your wedding day memories

When it comes to your wedding, whether it’s a big affair or intimate get-together, DIY or lavish, it’s a day not to be forgotten. Making sure you have different ways to guarantee your wedding memories last further than the day is key!

Pics or it didn't happen!

This may be an obvious one, but making sure you have a photographer (and the right photographer for you) is really important.

Make sure you take the time to get to know them what their style is, what sort of shots you’d like them to capture, and if you can look at their previous work to make sure it’s the kind of style that works for you. They’ll be able to capture the moments that you may not have known had even happened!

Your own movie

So many couples say that not having a videographer at their wedding is one of their biggest regrets.

The day often goes by so fast that you come to feel you’ve missed a lot of what’s happened as you’d been so preoccupied with everything else going on around you. Similarly to a photographer, ensuring you ask the right questions and hire the best videographer for your budget can mean you can relive all the best moments from your wedding again and again!

If you're after something a little different, you could even have the day (or parts of the day) filmed using a GoPro. Hand the camera round your guests during the wedding then put the footage together to capture some hilarious moments!

Let your guests do the work

Photos straight from your guests can be some of the funniest and most genuine ways to capture memories from the day. You could provide instant cameras on tables around the venue for you to develop later, polaroid cameras for guests to hang up on a photo display at the venue, or use a photobooth where guests can print and stick their photos in a guest book with a message. These memories are straight-from-the-moment snapshots of parts of the wedding you might not be a part of at that moment in time.

Insta-worthy photo opps

Creating some unusual props for your guests to use as backdrops for photographs always goes a long way! Think Insta-worthy macrame backdrops, hanging photo frames or ribbon curtains... your guests will be queueing up to make the most of them!

Spread a little love

If you have trees around your venue, why not provide tags for your guests to write on and tie around the branches of one? Or even tie string around the trunk and let your guests peg their messages or photographs on. You could illuminate the tree with lights or lanterns to make it a feature and at the end of the night you’ll have both a really cool addition to your venue and some amazing messages to read back later.

A bird's eye view

Drone footage can give you some AMAZING footage of your wedding as well as a real cinematic feel. The aerial footage provides another perspective to the day this could be footage of the wedding cars arriving at the ceremony or of your guests at the venue. Just make sure you use a licensed drone videographer!

Light up the night

A sparkler send-off is such a magical way to light up the end of your night. Your guests will love it as they can get involved to round off the night... everyone's lit up faces while you walk through the middle will look amazing in photos!

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