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‘Paca bow tie: Your must-have wedding guests

Still working through your guestlist? Don’t forget the alpacas!

Gentle and inquisitive, alpacas make for the best surprise on your wedding day and can happily entertain your party (as long as they have a carrot to hand!). Poolhouse Alpacas, based in Upton Warren, Worcestershire are ready and waiting to ‘paca their bow ties and strike a pose on your day at Belcote Farm. We spoke to Rebekka to find out more...

First of all, let’s meet the boys! Tell us a bit about your alpacas…

Hi there! Let me introduce you... We have Alfie the brown alpaca he’s the clown of the group and definitely the most inquisitive, he loves to pucker up for a kiss or two from the wedding guests!

Next is Charlie, he’s completely white. Charlie is very food-motivated and we often joke we could get him to jump off a cliff for a carrot!

Lastly, we have Ronnie, he’s white with a large brown spot on his shoulder. We often say that Ronnie is the wise one of the group he hangs back a bit and susses everything out but never misses anything!

We’ve owned the boys for just a couple of years we originally bought them as pets and to guard our chickens from the fox. They're all about 14 years old and have lived together as a trio for 7 years.

What typically takes place when you attend a wedding with the alpacas?

The wedding package is for two hours. The boys will arrive at Belcote Farm smartly dressed in their bow ties and be ready to mingle with the guests. We bring carrots along (Charlie’s favourite!) so guests can feed them, pet them and obviously have that all-important ‘selfie with Alfie’! We can pose the boys with the happy couple for the wedding photographer to get the professional shots as well.

What’s been the feedback from couples and guests at previous weddings you’ve attended with them?

Everyone loves them! And why wouldn’t they they're super cute! We find that they're great to fill the gaps in the day maybe when people are arriving at Belcote Farm from the church or while the photographer is busy taking the couple shots. Guests can come and chat and pet them and it really passes the time.

Why do you think alpacas make the perfect addition to a wedding?

As I say, they are SO cute and look very smart in their bow ties! Often people have never seen or touched alpacas before, so they can make the wedding even more memorable for guests.

Thanks for chatting with us and we can’t wait to see the boys back at Belcote Farm soon!

If you’re interested in finding out how you can have Alfie, Charlie and Ronnie in your wedding selfies, get in touch with Rebekka on: or call 07791383566.

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