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What makes Belcote Farm a completely unique wedding venue?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

There's more than just one reason as to why you won't come across a venue quite like Belcote Farm... here's 5!

1. No need to hire any extras

We have our own festival flags, light up LOVE letters, a photobooth caravan, hammocks, silent disco equipment and lawn games which are all available for you to use if you'd like.

2. Mismatched chairs

Our farmhouse chairs are custom painted in 9 different pastel colours which complement our festival flags and bunting perfectly. The styles of the chairs vary hugely as they've all been sourced locally and up-cycled by us. As they're non-stackable, you won't find any similar options to hire elsewhere, making your wedding stand out from the rest.

3. Discreet sound and lighting

Unlike most wedding venues, we have our own carefully selected sound system and lighting equipment. Unlike any other wedding venue, our lighting is completely wireless and can be controlled remotely via an iPad. The main benefit of having wireless equipment is that there’s no unsightly wiring.

Our sound system has extremely compact speakers with an incredibly clear audio quality and are angled towards the dance floor from the tipi poles above. Combined with our custom built DJ booth and mirrorball, it's the perfect package which is in-keeping with the rustic vibe of the venue.

4. Tipi size and sustainability

Our linked tipis aren't the giant tipis you've probably seen elsewhere, ours are one size smaller (midi) which are perfect for a more intimate celebration. In fact, our tipis are new to the market, only recently being designed to link together in this size and formation. The materials that went into making them were sourced locally from the UK and are of the highest quality.

The canvases have been beautifully stitched in the Peak District and each tree used to make our poles have been selected as part of a sustainable forest management plan approved by the Forestry Commission which has to meet the criteria set by FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) where all woodlands are replanted after felling.

5. … and relax

You'll find the whole vibe of our venue to be effortlessly chilled, informal and relaxed. It's down to a combination of reasons including the stunning countryside, secluded location and already having everything you need on site ready to go.

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